ABOUT USAll-Out Professionals



Antoitalia’s professionals comply with the Code of practice for real estate agents, “Professionisti in regola” (All-out professionals), drawn up under the supervision of FIMAA (Federazione Italiana Mediatori Agenti d'Affari, Italian federation of agents and brokers).

It may seem little more than a catchphrase, but we believe this is the key to confidence and quality. We want our real estate agents to be valued assistants when buying property, when buying a home, helping you with a transaction that involves more than just your money, often your very emotions. We cannot forget that your house is not only your home, but also a place for your feelings and affections.


  1. Always make sure that the real estate agent you choose is fully qualified, in other words a member of the real estate agent roll at your local Chamber of Commerce – this is a legal requirement in Italy. Membership of a professional association is also a further guarantee of integrity.

  2. Make sure that the your business agreement is clear and unambiguous. Use the standard forms when engaging the services of an agent and when making an offer to buy. Clear, carefully-written agreements are the basis for avoiding misunderstandings and possible problems later on.
    FIMAA (Federazione Italiana Mediatori Agenti d'Affari, Italian federation of agents and brokers) have prepared a series of standard forms working along with a team of legal experts. The forms have also been approved by consumer associations and are available through Chambers of Commerce. 

  3. Be sure to make clear how much commission you are prepared to pay. A fee is a broker’s right (as outlined in the Italian civil code, article 1775, and the 1989 Italian law no. 39), but it varies according to market forces and from place to place. As with all financial transactions, anything that appears to be free should generate suspicion. Would you work for anyone without pay? Would you take on a professional risk without any return? Would you trust a doctor who doesn’t get paid?

  4. Don’t forget that brokers have the right to ask fees from both sides, the buyer and the seller.
    This ensures that brokers remain neutral outsiders. It is also a guarantee for you.

  5. You can choose whether to give exclusive rights to your agent or not. Bear in mind, however, that exclusive sales rights ensure quality and service. Selling property has its costs: advertisements in newspapers have to be paid for, just like staff who answer the phone enquiries and deal with customers.

  6. Make certain you have all necessary information before making any decision. Your real estate agent will be able to answer all your questions.

  7. Don’t forget that fees have to be paid once an agreement has been reached, which generally means once a preliminary contract is signed. Nevertheless, your agent will still be there to assist you until the exchange of deeds. Honesty and quality are concrete values and go hand-in-hand with openness and clarity about all financial aspects.