Areas of expertise / Services

Addressed to luxury real estates, the Agency division operates on the basis of a consolidated experience in the private and corporate estate market. By offering consultancy services, estimation, brokerage, lease, development of detached properties and/or unbundling, with mixed and third sector purposes. Agency unit studies, evaluates, and submits customised proposals for each property.

Antoitalia is included among the most performative firms for consultancy and brokerage of trophy assets.

Throughout the years, Antoitalia has learnt and expanded upon unique expertise and know-how techniques in the brokerage market fine detached properties’ real estates. The fine expertise of Antoitalia’s team has facilitated the consolidation of business relationships with the sector’s highest players; thanks to these partnerships, a strategic approach to overcome any need and, at the same time, enhance values for each project.


One of the features of the Agency unit is destined to the unbundling of both ready to lease or occupied properties and to construction sites. Particular attention is faced towards the needs of contractor, developers, corporate and private firms equally owning real estate.

Thus, strategic support is provided by Antoitalia to its client who are looking into the unbundling real estate market.

Addressed to the specific market for luxury real estate, Antoitalia provides advisory and agency services for the search and/or disposal of strategic points of sale. In the search for the ideal location, High street retail works in tune with the customer so as to propose functional solutions to the internal strategy of brand positioning.

Among the strengths of the high street retail sector are the high skills of the Antoitalia team in the turnover of spaces already owned by the client. According to a strategy of improving the profitability of the property, Antoitalia pours its know-how on the quality and duration of the rents, management of entrances and exits, and brand visibility compared to the strongest competitors in the luxury sector.