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Venice Lido: Antoitalia advisor for the redevelopment of a former colony at Alberoni

Venice Lido: Antoitalia advisor for the redevelopment of a former colony at Alberoni

The Venice Lido once again stars in a dream story.

Antoitalia has been commissioned by the property to seek investors interested in purchasing and redeveloping the former “Padova” colony at Alberoni. The facility has been abandoned and decaying for a number of years. However it boasts a prestigious location, nestled in the beautiful nature oasis of the Venice Lido.

The project involves the construction of a luxury hotel. The hotel will have 120 rooms and a private beach, aiming to restore the complex to its original splendor.

The intervention is interesting and of some economic, cultural and social significance. The reasons are given by the architectural features of the structure, in the rationalist style, and to the location in a landscape context consisting of a deep sandy shore with valuable peculiarities of fauna and wild flora. Adjacent to the area is the prestigious Circolo Golf Venezia. This has a clubhouse and 18-hole course dating back to 1928, which retain all the charm of tradition. The Venice Lido Club still turns out to be the only one in the Venetian area.

Once completed, the accommodation complex will be in line with the best facilities already in the area. The Venice Lido, with its scenic beauty and cultural events such as the Film Festival, attracts well-known and internationally renowned faces every year. This makes the place important in both cultural and social aspects.

It is a real estate operation estimated at between 40 and 50 million euros, with the sole purpose of enhancing and giving a new face to the precious nature oasis.

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